About us

We are a family business made up of four people who started in 2016, we have been dedicated importation, distribution and marketing of Jewelry .925 Mexican Sterling Silver; especially in Florida, United States in retail sales mode.

In 2017, we started merchandising products from Mexican Company "Angélica & Arteaga Jewelry", which started in 1975; they have been dedicated to manufacture, distribution and marketing of Sterling Silver .925 and .950, at a small town called Taxco located in Guerrero, Mexico. They are currently working with 45 families of Mexican craftsman who make new designs daily with different techniques, wanting to satisfy the needs of our customers.
In 2019, we created a commercial alliance with Angélica & Arteaga Jewelry, with the objective of working as authorized distributors of sterling silver jewelry in the United States, located in South Florida. Under this alliance operates in the modalities of wholesale and retail online sales, as well as personalized appointments.